A note from the founder:

Hi, I'm Natasha, and I live in Perth with my 4 children.    As my kids grew, I found that the pile of clothes that was left was too much to handle.  I decluttered our drawers and closets and embraced a minimalist approach to our wardrobe. 

 We didn't need all the jumpers, t-shirts, or pants.  In fact, we had too many!

We only needed a few different items of clothing to get us through each season.  And, with fashion consumption being at the core of many health, environmental, financial and climate issues, it made sense to me. 

There's too many clothes in existence, and too much pressure on parent's to buy new all the time, especially when their kids grow out of their clothes so fast.  And, with the cost of living increasing, renting clothing seems a good way forward. That's why I came up with #ShareRewear for CherryWear Baby Clothes.  

We want you to keep dreaming...

As mums, we can often give up on our dreams or put them on halt till life gets easier. Renting can help you achieve your dreams faster, by saving money every month!