A Mother on a Mission

With fashion consumption being at the core of many health, environmental, financial and climate issues, CherryWear
Baby Clothes
is making the world a safer place by providing your baby with clothes that are sustainable, ethically made, plastic-free and non-toxic.

Fairly & Ethically Made - our fabrics and clothes must be made by garment workers who are paid above the living wage and are employed in safe & healthy working environments.

Sustainable - our business model considers its effect on the environment and our baby clothes can be rented, worn and returned for other babies to wear.

In addition, we ensure what you buy is:

Plastic-Free - our baby clothes must be 100% free from petroleum and not include any synthetic fibres like polyester, nylon & elastane.

We want you to keep dreaming...

As mums, we can often give up on our dreams or put them on halt till life gets easier. Renting can help you achieve your dreams faster, by saving money every month!