Organic Baby Brands - Our Top 10


There are many different brands of baby clothes out there and it can be hard to decide which one is best for your angel can’t it? That’s why we’ve put together our Top 10 Best Organic Baby Brands list to guide you:

  • Sapling Child

This brand focuses on creating the highest quality, softest and most comfortable organic baby clothing possible. Using the finest organic cotton, and printed with dyes that are organic and water based, this is the safest choice for baby, and the environment. Sapling cares about how you baby feels in their clothing.

  • Purebaby

Born out of a desire for products made with awareness an care, these beautiful products speak for themselves. Established in 2002, Purebaby wanted to create baby wear that did not compromise on social responsibility. Their collections are made with love and respect for the planet and where children grow and play.

  • Jujo Baby

Having the desire to create a brand that was nurtured and cocooned like her own baby, the founder of Jujo baby wanted to ensure the brand represented the feelings of soft luxe yarns and gave the experience of being wrapped cosily. Creating a luxurious knitwear range of items ensured this was the case.

  • Maud n Lil

This brand has been strong since 1993. Focusing on making certified organic cotton toys and comforters, this brand has made sure their products are perfect for little hands with big imaginations. They have chosen organic cotton, so that the only thing your child is exposed to is the love and care put into every product.

  • Wilson and Frenchy

Loved across the world for their custom designs and hand drawn illustrations, just to name a few, they are the go-to brand for new mums who want beautiful clothing for their children.

  • Halo and Horns

This iconic brand is all about the softest Bamboo. Formed from the passion the founders felt when their little baby boy was born at just 30 weeks, this brand will speak to every mother. Halo and Horns focus on easy wear for bub and easy care for mum. Certainly what every mother would love.

  • Kakadu Tiny Tots

A wholly Australian owned company, Kakadu Tiny Tots creates authentic indigenous clothing, artwork and accessories. Their designs originate from remote aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory. Ideal for a perfectly unique Australian gift.

  • Aster & Oak

Because of their own experiences with their own children’s skin allergies, this lead the owners to research and craft a range of Eco-friendly, certified organic baby clothing. The clothing is safe, low-allergenic and free of all hidden nasties.

  • Love & Lee

It's all about stylish, contemporary and sleek designs for this range of baby clothes. Established in 2019 with the inspiration of her two children, Love & Lee make bamboo blankets & organic wraps for baby. They even won the ROAR awards for Best Eco and Organic Product when they launched.

        * Snuggle Hunny

Babies never looked so good when they are sleeping in Snuggle Hunny. They have a certified range of organic muslin swaddles with matching cot and bassinets for the nursery.

We’ve just shared with you our Top 10 Organic Baby Brands. This really is just a snapshot of the incredibly amazing brands go to our friends at On Chic Baby Clothes.

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