Where to Rent Sustainable and Ethically Made Baby Brands in 2024

If you are having a new baby and want to make sure they stay pure and innocent, we have good news, You can now rent your child's low-tox wardrobe.  

By supporting children's clothing brands that truly care about your baby’s exposure to nasty pesticides and other toxic chemicals, you can also make a difference to the lives of the people that made your baby’s outfit.

Mainstream clothing brands mainly use conventional cotton which is sometimes advertised as “natural” and “eco-friendly but if you dig deeper, you will find they are actually from one of the world’s most pesticide-friendly and genetically modified crops in the world. Dig deeper still, and you will find out why it’s not good for the people behind the scenes.


Conventional cotton often creates hazards for farmers and textile workers. Their exposure to pesticides and toxic chemicals minimises their life expectancy, and if not regulated, the people that make your clothes can die from their unsafe working conditions.  Furthermore, women that sew your clothes, work long hours away from their families.

Eco-friendly baby fashion goes way above buying organic cotton. Parent’s want to support brands that are eco-conscious and environmentally responsible as well as buy clothes for their baby that are well made and are extremely durable. Since Covid, consumers have become more conscious in where they spend their dollar so it’s especially important for modern parents to buy clothes that stand the test of time and can be washed over and over, worn, then given to another.
Baby clothes don’t need to be disposable anymore, and the best ones last through many wears.

Why Buy Ethically Made, SustainableClothes?

Ethically made, organic baby clothing is made from sustainably-sourced materials through a fair and transparent supply chain and one that looks after the health and safety of it’s workers.
Mainstream fashion factory workers are typically paid five times less than a living wage in their country and are often forced to work long hours every day of the week. The air they breathe is poor and unventilated and companies put profit before people. That’s why it’s imperative to buy baby clothes sourced from brands who make their fabrics in factories with adequate work and wage standards. A fair-trade factory ensures a respect for the social, economic and labour rights of farmers and workers along the entire supply chain. They abide by sustainable farming practices, which improves the quality of health and well-being for farmers and textile workers.

Where can I find the best eco-friendly, baby brands in Australia?

So glad you asked!
Here are our Top 5 Ethical and Sustainable Baby Brands for 2022.
Fibre for Good Baby Wear
This environmentally attuned baby brand is the ultimate in eco-conscious baby wear in Australia. Fibre for Good does not bleach or colour their cotton, which saves many litres of waters in the manufacturing process, as well as negate the use of harmful chemicals in production. They also use non-genetically modified seeds to ensure that the supply chain is completely friendly to the environment. It’s called ONCC. Their range of neutral, organic naturally coloured cotton rompers and bodysuits and qmaternity t-shirts have a fresh, crisp look to them and are light and breathable for your skin. Made from 100% unbleached, undyed, GOTS certified, organic cotton, Fibre for Good has a gender-neutral, all-season collection for newborns and infants.
Snuggle Hunny Kids
Popular in Australia for their delectable designs, Snuggle Hunny have introduced a beautiful clothing range to compliment their organic muslin swaddles and milestone cards.
Snuggle Hunny reduce their carbon footprint with Greenfleet and reuse their packaging. Their Organic Clothing is GOTS certified, sustainable and ethically made in factories in China.
Aster & Oak Organic
Gloriously designed with native florals and neutral tones, Aster & Oak produce GOTs certified organic cotton clothes as well as ethically make their clothes in factories in India. They are top of their game in sustainable & ethically made baby fashion in Australia. They design and track every step of the manufacturing process of our products and make sure that their factory employs people fairly.
A lot goes into a tiny outfit for a baby, and Aster & Oak want to ensure every step in the supply chain supports human rights. Aster & Oak demand minimum age requirements, fair working hours, inclusive workplaces, no bonded labour and safe and healthy working conditions.
Wilson & Frenchy
Modern and minimalistic, Wilson & Frenchy baby clothes are designed to be handed down for many years. They make their baby clothes in a fair-trade factory that ensures a respect for the labour rights of farmers and workers along the entire supply chain.
Wilson & Frenchy abide by sustainable farming practices that protects and improves the health and well-being for farmers. No genetically modified seeds, toxic dyes, or hazardous synthetic pesticides are used during the farming process. Their baby clothes fabric is dyed using Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS) approved dyes which are free of hazardous elements such as nickel, lead, formaldehyde, amines, pesticides and heavy metals protecting farmers and their families as well as consumers.
Sapling Child
Comfortable and practical and with fun colours to entertain your baby, Sapling Child cares about the little details. Their tags are printed with non-organic dyes which are safer for the farmers and ensure that the cotton is sourced organically from farms that are sensitive to the health & social wellbeing of their farmers.
Their cotton is knitted in organic factories in China, and printed with organic water-based dyes that are free from toxic chemicals and heavy metals.
Sapling Child veer away from the ‘earthy’ tones and instead choose bright colours for their baby clothing.
And, if you are wanting to buy organic, ethically made, non-toxic, plush toys for your baby, these are the most luxurious.

Maud N Lil
Timeless, yet classic, these organic soft toys are the ultimate in sustainable, luxurious baby plush toys for infants.
As well as using biodegradeable, non-GMO natural corn fibre filling, Maud N Lil choose organic practices that nurture small communities and farmers. All their products are manufactured in facilities that are independently audited & certified by ICTI, Intertek or an equivalent inspecting body and their textile workers are paid fairly with proper pay and overtime. They believe there is no point in saving the environment if you aren't treating people fairly as well. Furthermore, all Maud N Lil Organic Cotton products are inspected and certified by GOTS International. This means they comply with the triple bottom line and are ethically, environmentally and economically viable.
So there you have it! The 5 most sustainable and ethically made baby clothing brands in Australia. And a little introduction to our favourite safe, non-toxic, baby toys.

Good quality baby clothes don’t have to cost the earth, nor people’s lives, you can now rent your children's clothing and feel good about your parenting choices with CherryWear Baby Clothes.   



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